Ways to Increase Credit Card Limit

Credit Card, Ways of Increasing Credit Amount;

I want to increase my credit card limit, what can I do? What are the Credit Card Limit increase regulations? I want to tell you briefly about these. In the past, people had many credit cards, a different limit was defined for each credit card. Most of the customers were using their credit cards unconsciously. Many people have their homes and workplaces foreclosed due to high credit card limits and using more than one credit card. Now, as a result of the decision taken by the BRSA, a credit card limit of 10.000 TL cannot be defined for the person with a monthly income of 2000.TL. A total credit card limit of 20,000 TL or less is required for a person with an income of 2000 TL. The total limit you will withdraw from all banks is 20,000 TL. For example, you can get a credit card limit of 1000.TL from Yapı Kredi Bank and 1000.TL from Garanti Bank. Whatever your monthly income is, the credit card limit will increase.

Application Channels required for you to increase your Credit Card Limit;

By going to the branch of the bank you are affiliated with, writing a petition and requesting a credit card limit increase.
By calling your bank’s call center
You can request a limit increase from internet banking by clicking the limit increase button.

In order to request an increase in the credit card limit, you must use the credit card of the bank you are affiliated with for at least 6 months. The bank may increase your credit card limit depending on whether your payments are regular or not. It is up to the initiative of the bank to increase the limit on a newly issued credit card. Documenting additional income will also increase your credit card limit.

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